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What is Khasta Kachori Chaat?

What is Chaat?

Chaat refers to a family of snack items, popular in India and often served from street stalls.

Some popular examples of chaat are pani puri, dahi puri & kachori chaat.

What are Kachori?

Kachori are deep fried, flaky pastries originating from Rajasthan. They're stuffed with a slightly spiced moong dal mixture, which gives them their flavour and seasoning.

What is Khasta Kachori Chaat?

Khasta Kachori chaat refers to a dish made from Kachori chaat.

The kachori are hollowed out, stuffed with a potato and lentil mixture and coated in sweet yoghurt, tamarind chutney & green chutney.

Some Kashmiri red chilli powder, pomegranate, chaat masala & crunchy sev might also be added for some colour and texture.

What is Kachori Chaat made from?

Kachori chaat is made from all-purpose plain flour, often known as maida.

The filling is made from spiced lentils, with dry mango powder (amchoor), Kashmiri chilli powder.

Where can I eat Kachori Chaat?

If you're looking to find Kachori Chaat in the UK, hiring one of our Indian private chefs is one option.

It's bit of a specialist niche so isn't easy to find in a restaurant.

Who does the best Kachori Chaat in London?

One of our professional private Indian & Gujarati chefs can make you the best Kachori Chaat in London.

With decades of experience cooking in private estates & restaurant, they will be able to deliver a memorable experience.

Are Kachori Chaat vegetarian?

Kachori Chaat are totally vegetarian, as is a lot of Indian street food. There's a huge number of vegetarians in India, so they have a highly developed cuisine revolving around vegetarian food & Khasta Kachori Chaat are one of those vegetarian dishes.


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