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The Best Vada Pav in London

Updated: Mar 16

Vada Pav

Wondering where to get the best Vada Pav (Pao) in London?

If you're an Indian street food lover, you'll be sure to enjoy Vada Pao. Read on below to find out some of our top recommendation of where to eat Vada Pao in London in 2024.

What is Vada Pav (Pao)?

Vada Pao are a popular Indian street food snack from Maharashtra state.

The vada or wada is made from mashed potatoes, flavoured with chilli, curry leaves, mustard seeds rolled into a ball and fried in a batter.

This is served in a soft fluffy roll with green chutney and spicy garlic chutney.

Where can I get the best Vada Pao in London?

If you're looking for some of the best Vada Pao in London, there's many different options available.

  1. Hire an Indian private chef from Yuzu Private Dining.

  2. Shree Krishna Vada Pav, available Harrow & Wealdstone, Hounslow

  3. Dishoom, multiple sites in London & Edinburgh.

Where can I find Vada Pav near me?

If you're in the London area, you can be sure to find some Vada Pav near your location. Both Dishoom &Shree Krishna Vada Pav have multiple sites across the city.

What goes well with Vada Pav?

Vada pav can be quite spicy so it can be worth having something cooling to drink with it. It's normally served with all the necessary accompaniments, like green & garlic chutneys, diced onions & lemons, so you shouldn't need to order any other accompaniments.

What is Misal Pav?

Misal Pav is a similar dish, closer to Pav Bhaji. It's a toasted white bread with a curry made from moth bean sprouts. This is topped with farsan or nylon sev, onions, lemon & coriander.

You can check out a great recipe for Misal Pav on Dassana's Veg Recipes.


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