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The Best Chole Bhature In London

Updated: Mar 16

Best Chole Bhature in London
Chole Bhature

Where can I find authentic Chole Bhature in London?

Another super popular Indian street food, Chole ( or Chana) Bhature is a saucy chickpea curry, with a fried Bhature bread, made with self raising maida (wheat flour).

Originally from the northern area of India, it is often eaten as a breakfast dish or as a quick lunch from a street vendor.

The curry is a tangy & saucy vegetarian curry made from chickpeas

Where can I get the best Chole Bhature in London?

Where can I try it?

If you're looking to find the best Chole Bhature in London, here's some of our favourite options you could try;

If you love Indian food, contact Yuzu Private Dining and we can book you an experienced private Indian chef, who specialises in cooking Indian Street Food.

Can I make myself Chole Bhature?

If you're a confident cook, you could always make it yourself.

You could pickup all your supplies in Southall's Indian grocery shops, where'll you'll easily be able to find all the ingredients.

We'd recommend you try VB & Sons, with shops in Harrow & Kingsbury or Quality Foods in Southall.

Chole Bhature Recipe

If you're looking for a recipe for Chole Bhature, then 2 of my favourite websites for Indian cooking have great recipes. You can follow the link to them below;


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