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London's Best sri Lankan Restaurant - Paradise, Soho

Sri Lankan food is having a bit of a moment in London at the moment.

With many similarities to Indian food, but it's own individual style, it can tend to be pretty spicy.

I was given a tip off by my sister to check it out after she had a great meal, and it did not disappoint and was one of my favourite meals of 2022.

Restaurant Paradise, soho

Paradise restaurant's website lists it as "Ingredient Focused Cooking with a Fiery Island Accent".

There's certainly some excellent produce and cooking on display.

We started with some nice cocktails, with some Indian flavours like curry leaf & guava imaginatively used and some homemade tonics in small glass flasks.

Most of the dishes were small dishes made for sharing.

Some of the highlights were the sea bream & citrus ceviche with orange and grapefruit segments & some umami chilli powder.

The grilled prawns were great quality & we loved the scallops with the curry sauce & curry leaf oil.

But the dish of the evening was probably the grilled marinated pineapple, served with some fermented red chilli relish & crispy curry leaves in a delightful sauce.

Definitely a restaurant worth visiting and one I would happily go back to. The price was extremely reasonable considering the quality of the cooking on offer and I loved the minimal design of the restaurant interior.

It is relatively small inside, so you would definitely need to book a table.


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