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Top 5 Indian Breakfast Dishes

India's food culture is definitely one of the world's best, especially when it comes to vegetarian cooking.

There are a huge variety of dishes, especially for breakfast that you should try if you ever get the chance.


Dosas are made from a fermented lentil batter, which is spread super thin in a pan and fried until crispy.

Dosa, Chutney, Coconut Chutney
Dosas with Coconut & Garlic Chutney

Masala dosas are then stuffed with a filling made from cooked potatoes, curry leaves and mustard seeds.

They were one of the highlights of the month I spent in India, and I would normally have 2-3 every morning before heading out to work.


Chilla are similar to dosas, but they're made with an unfermented lentil batter, flavoured with garlic, ginger & spices.

Moong Dal Chilla
Moong Dal Chilla

For a little fusion twist, they can be stuffed with tomatoes, red onions and a little bit of cheddar and served with plenty of ketchup.


Idli are made from the same lentil batter as dosa, but it's made when the batter has broken down less and is steamed in a special tray instead of fried.

Idli, Curry Leaf
Idli, Curry Leaf


Poha is made from flattened rice flakes, which is cooked with turmeric, peanuts and curry leaves to give it's signature bright yellow colour.

Kanda Poha
Kanda Poha


A specialty of Gujarat, Pudla is made from Besan and puréed banana.

Gujarati food is particularly sweet and salty, so the banana works really well to give this balance of flavours.


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