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Guide to hiring a private chef

In this guide, we'll go over some of the most frequently asked questions about hiring a private chef that we get from customers.

Hiring a private chef guide

Thinking about hiring a private chef?

Private chef jobs vary a lot, depending on the client's needs, dietary requirements & overall budget. Hiring a private chef has become increasingly accessible to everyone, with booking platforms meaning it is possible to hire a private chef for a single event or booking.

How much does a private chef cost?

Hiring a private chef can vary widely in cost, depending on the booking requirements, experience of the chef, the location in and whether they are a freelancer or a permanent employee.

Chefs with a background in MIchelin Star restaurants are likely to command a higher fee due to their experience & increased profile.

Booking a private chef on a day rate, you should expect the total cost excluding materials to come to 350 as a starting point. A lot of private chefs also have fixed menus which are charged per person, although there will likely be a minimum spend in place for small parties.

Do Private Chefs Wash the Dishes?

Washing the dishes is a normal expectation of a private chef, although adequate facilities should be provided, preferably a dishwasher at a minimum to run all the plates through.

Private chefs will often also have a network of other chefs, waiters & kitchen porters, who they might be able to bring with them for an additional fee if the booking requires it due to the increased level of workload.

What is a typical private chef salary?

Private chefs can often command high salaries, depending on the level of experience. A Michelin Star background private chef in a permanent role in Central London would probably have a salary expectation of 70,000 - 100,000 for a full time contract.

Are there private chefs available near me?

Post Covid, many chefs have moved away from the grind of restaurants & hotels and setup independently as a private chef or freelancer .There's also a number of chefs who take additional side income as a private chef due to the limited investment needed to startup in business.

Can I hire a private chef just for a dinner party?

Yes of course, hiring a private chef for a dinner party is one of the most booked services we have at Yuzu Private Dining. On average, a dinner party booking will be for between 8-12 people, with an average cost per head of 70 - 95 per head.

Can i hire a private chef for one night?

Yes absolutely! We commonly get single day booking requests to hire a personal chef. You should consider that there is a considerable amount of setup & getting used to a new site however and consider this when booking a private chef.

If it's a larger event, your private chef might want to inspect the site & in situ equipment before the event to assess whether they will need to hire any equipment in or bring additional support staff to make sure your event or party runs smoothly.

Can i hire a private chef for a holiday?

You can hire a private chef for a family holiday, business trip or during a busy sport competition if you're a professional athlete. They'll typically offer a three meal a day service, including breakfast, lunch & dinner, although they might be able to do additional services for a supplement.

This type of work will typically be charged a day rate according to the chef or private chef agency which you book them with, and does not include the cost of materials, cleaning supplies etc., it only covers the labour cost.

Your private chef will typically be able to buy the goods on credit, and will send you an invoice with the amount payable on completion of the booking for the cost of the food. You should discuss the agreed menu & budget in advance to avoid any unexpected costs & surprises.

Do private chefs cook for a family?

Private chefs are often hired on a full time basis by a family or UHNW client. They might have a small team in place to work year round, or they might be on a short term contract or freelance basis.

Can I hire a private chef for a wedding?

Different private chefs might work differently, but at Yuzu Private Dining, we love doing wedding catering as its' always a nice atmosphere. We are mostly focused on smaller weddings & producing good quality catering, so wouldn't accept anything over 50x guests for a full meal, or 150x for a Canape reception.

Can i Hire a chef to cook for my home?

Private chefs are adaptable & able to work from almost any location. Your home should be enough for a good private chef to produce a smaller meal, although larger events might call for some additional equipment which would incur a small fee.

Do private chefs cook for Christmas?

Private chefs are often available over Christmas, although you should expect to pay a premium due to the time of year. Expect to pay 700 for a private chef booking for Christmas and to pay double time on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Hiring a private chef over Christmas often makes sense for a lot of families, as it leaves them free to enjoy their time with their family.

How much does it cost to hire a private chef?

The cost of hiring a private chef really can vary dramatically. A minimum spend for the day to be worthwhile for the chef would be a minimum of 300, for a small event or dinner party, while a larger group booking or more elaborate cooking would be 600 - 800.


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