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Private Chef Services: How much does it cost to hire a private chef?

Updated: Mar 2

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How much does private chef cost UK?

Hiring a private chef is becoming increasingly popular in the UK with many startups and agencies in the marketplace now.

Depending on what you're looking for, we think having an initial consultation is important where you can outline what your budget is per head and then the chef can offer you what is realistic around that price point & based on the number of guests.

When booking through a larger platform or website, they will typically charge a commission of up to 25%, so you need to bear this in mind when booking. The experience offered can also vary drastically, with larger companies typically outsourcing all the actual event to freelance contractors rather than working closely with screened candidates.

For this reason, we would always recommend booking with a smaller, local service directly who can customise menus to your guests, needs and dietary requirements.

Per-event pricing is a fixed fee for the entire event which will cover the chef's initial consultation time, menu planning, procurement of ingredients, transportation & logistics, any on & off site preparation, cooking and cleaning and the administrative time spent while operating as a freelancer or limited company.

The typical cost of an 10-guest event is around £680 or £68 per person, at time of writing in January 2024.


What is the difference between a personal chef and a private chef?

There are some differences between private and personal chefs, although there's also some crossover between the two.

Personal chefs often work on a fixed, permanent contract for an employer, often an UHNW individual.

Private chefs might be full time freelancers, or they might do it as a side hustle outside of their main employment. Many of customers book a chef whilst staying in an Airbnb for a family holiday, while on a stag or hen party, or for a special occasion anniversary or birthday dinner. They're also especially popular for families who have children as it eliminates the need for childcare or transportation while dining out at a restaurant.

How much does it cost to hire a Michelin star chef?

Chefs with an extensive background in Michelin Star restaurants will likely charge a day rate. This could be anywhere from £400 - over £30,000 depend on the profile of the chef and their availability. Anyone who is publicly famous will likely charge thousands while chefs with a smaller public profile will likely charge between £300 - £650 per day.

How much does it cost to hire a chef for a week?

When hiring a chef for multiple days or a week there will typically be an added cost due to accommodation and the length of the working day involved. If you are looking for breakfast, lunch & dinner, you will need to cover a chef's day rate and potential include overtime if the days are going to be especially busy and long.

The best thing to do is to have an initial consultation to discuss what meal services you require so your chef can put together a detailed cost estimate that works for everybody.

Do you tip private chefs?

We would always recommend tipping a private chef, especially if they are serving you at the table.

You should bear in mind that in a restaurant, there could be up to 3-4 people doing the serving, cooking, plating, cleaning & washing up at the same time. So although there are less customers to serve, there can definitely be a lot going on at once!

In a world where time is of the essence and culinary experiences are valued more than ever, hiring a private chef has become a popular choice for those seeking a personalized and gourmet dining experience in the comfort of their own homes or holiday rental.

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How to Get the Best Value

Communicate Clearly

Clearly communicate your expectations, dietary preferences, and budget constraints upfront. This will allow the chef to work within the budget and parameters to ensure you end up with a great experience that works for all parties.

Book in Advance

Booking well in advance may secure lower rates and ensure the availability of your preferred chef.

Read Reviews

Research and read reviews to ensure the chef's style aligns with your culinary preferences. Check out the company's portfolio website & gallery to ensure the food looks appealing and up to date.

Hiring a private chef is an investment in a unique culinary experience tailored to your tastes and preferences. By understanding the factors that influence costs and considering hidden expenses, you can make an informed decision to turn your dining dreams into a reality.

Whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a grand celebration or special occassion, the cost of hiring a private chef is a small price to pay for the unforgettable memories and exquisite flavors they can bring to your table, leaving you free to enjoy your evening rather than worry about cooking & cleaning.


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