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Food Trends for 2024

Updated: Mar 10

In this post, we'll go over a few food trends we have seen emerging in 2024 across London, Edinburgh & the UK.

African Food

African food is becoming increasingly popular, with London restaurants Ikoyi & Akoko having 1 & 2 Michelin stars respectively.

They take inspiration from traditional African dishes like Jollof Rice and serve them in luxury settings, with handmade ceramics & fine glassware.

Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian food is becoming increasingly relevant, with the younger generation being more environmentally conscious & aware and increasing numbers of people moving towards a vegetarian diet.

Mushroom, Hen of the Woods

National Geographic noticed the emerging trend of mushrooms replacing meat in their article on emerging food trends, with King Oyster mushrooms and Mushroom "Scallops" being featured on chef menus in luxury restaurants.

Low & no Alcohol

The quality of low & no alcohol wines has been increasing rapidly recently.

Legendary Mosel valley Riesling producer J J Leitz produces Eins Zwei Zero, a dealcoholised Riesling made from quality wine, and it's definitely drinkable and even enjoyable (surprisingly).

Low alcohol beer has also been improving dramatically in recent times, with a wide range of enjoyable options available for drivers and non-drinkers, such as Erdinger Zero & Guinness Zero being delicious and perfectly drinkable.

Seedlip, Low Alcohol, Zero & No Alcohol Spirit

There's also be an increase in the number of alcohol free spirits, like Seedlip and 0% Gins, with a strong botoanical flavour just without any alcohol, and some of these are of excellent quality.

Asian Ingredients

We're increasingly seeing a demand for new and interesting flavours, and people's palates are becoming more knowledgeable & sophisticated.

Ube Ice Cream
Ube Ice Cream

As a result we're seeing more flavours creeping in from Asia, such as Matcha, Yuzu, Ube & Black Sesame which we're absolutely thrilled with as they're some of our favourite flavours.

Thrifty Cooking & Meal Prep Services

With the cost of living crisis hitting people's budgets, people are increasingly turning to cooking meals at home and making an effort to prepare cheap & healthy meals.

Meal Prep Service, Private Chef

Along with this, we're also seeing a lot of demand for meal prep services for busy & health conscious people, with private chef companies like DineIndulge having to branch out into this area.


That bring this short post to a close. We hope to see new food trends & flavours emerging soon in 2024 to keep things interesting & exciting.

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