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Deliciously Sweet: An Introduction to Kabak Tatlisi, the Classic Turkish Pumpkin Dessert

Kabak Tatlisi, Pumpkin Dessert, Turkish Food, Cappadocia, Istanbul

Definitely one of our favourite desserts from now!

This sweet cured pumpkin dish with tahini & walnuts (Kabak Tatlisi) was an absolute delight.

We found it in restaurants all over the Cappadocia region and would highly reccomend you to check it out if you are travelling to that area.

Sweet, crunchy but still quite fresh and not too heavy, it was definitely one of our absolute favourite desserts ever!

It's a little bit similar to the Indian sweet Petha, made in a similar way by curing Ash Gourd with sugar. You can find a little bit more about Petha on


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