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I absolutely adore Baklava when they're done well. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff found here in the UK is pretty bad, made with sugar syrup instead of honey and as a result horribly sickly and sweet without any real flavour.

Not so in Turkey, where we found some fantastic Baklava all over the country. Especially good were some of the specialist shops in Istanbul. There's plenty in the tourist areas, near the Grand Bazaar so even travelers who are on a quick layover or short city break will undoubtedly be able to find some good quality stuff.

This tower of baklava were made of Walnuts and Honey wrapped in Kataifi pastry and rolled in these large cylinders.

The flat trays are layered up with nuts, honey and filo-like layers of pastry.

Sweet, nutty and crunchy we absolutely adored trying all the different varieties, particularly enjoying the pistachio & walnut.

Tower of Baklava, Pistachio Honey, Walnut

Baklava with Ice Cream, Pistachio

Walnut Baklava, Honey, Sweets, Dessert


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