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Thinking about becoming a private Chef?

If you're thinking about becoming a private chef, there's probably some questions or doubts in your mind about whether it's the right choice for you.

Becoming a private chef

Is becoming a private chef a good Career move?

Being a private chef can often offer a more flexible working schedule than working in a fine dining restaurant or hotel, as well as a lower stress environment & a better salary. Working hours are often better & it can be less repetitive as you aren't just producing the same menu day in day out.

It's important however that you have good skills in the kitchen, as you'll typically be serving high profile clients who will have a good palate & have eaten in some of the finest restaurants in the world.

Do private Chefs make a lot of money?

It's definitely possible to earn well as a private chef, but it's totally dependent on your ability to attract & retain top clients or to secure a good permanent position.

Becoming a personal chef

Do private chefs get days off?

Private chefs can often work to their own schedule if they manage to become self sustainable as a freelancer, although you would have to work around the customer's needs and requirements.

Chefs on a permanent contract might work 5 or 6 days per week, but would normally be entitled to at least 1 day off per week. Before signing a contract, it's important to clarify what the expected working hours & days will be for the position.

How do I find private chef jobs?

Private chef agencies are quite common, with small networks of former chef colleagues, private chef recruiters & recruitment only agencies in existence.

It's also possible to set yourself up as a freelance worker and take bookings through platforms like yhangry and takeachef.

How do I start a private chef business?

Starting a private chef business requires very little investment & can most probably be self financed. Your main asset will be your website & digital marketing. If you need help with this then we can set up a brief portfolio website for you & help you design a digital marketing strategy for a small fee.

You might also consider registering with a private chef agency, of which there are many in the UK & Europe, especially in London. These agencies will charge a commission on top of the chefs expected day rate for supplying the chef but can mean you are still free to choose your own menus & prices.


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