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Updated: Mar 2

These Gujarati rolls are made of Yoghurt, Besan spread out thin and rolled up.

Gujarat is a region on the West coast of India around the city of Ahmedabad. It's a major area for the production of pharmaceuticals, with a number of the major producers having production units & offices in the area.

They have a unique & distinctive food style, with a sweet & salty palate and some unique dishes.

These Khandvi rolls are made by making a mix from Yoghurt & Besan, then spreading it out thin and rolling it up. Its then coated in curry leaves, sesame & mustard seeds which are fried in hot oil. It’s then coated in Grated fresh coconut, curry leaves & tempered mustard seeds.


They’re an absolute treat, but definitely not an easy thing to find!

You can find a recipie for Khandvi here.


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