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5 Best Food Travel Destinations in 2024

Updated: Jan 27

Heading on holiday for us means getting to eat some of the best foods in beautiful locations - here's our top 5 destinations for 2024

Madeira Island, Portgual

Tropical Fruits in Madeira
Photo by Joesfin on Unsplash

An unexpected delight, Madeira's multiple climates and tropical location just off the coast of Africa mean it can produce an incredible array of Tropical fruits, while it's Portuguese heritage adds some delicious flavours.

Best things to try in Madeira are of course Espetadas, which are Bay leaf marinated beef skewers cooked over charcoal, and for dessert Passionfruit mousse (Mousse de Maracuja).

Rome, Italy

Rome Skyline, Food Travel Destination

A world class city break destination, and while it's not perfect, it's definitely still worth visiting in our eyes.

You can spend most of your time walking around the city's sights on foot, taking breaks to have an occasional snack!

Pistachio Tiramisu at Pompi
Pistachio Tiramisu at Pompi

Top things to try - Pistachio Tiramisu from Pompi, multiple locations.

Venice, Italy

Venice at night, Food Travel Destination
Venice at night

A beautiful city, which can get a bit crowded at times but definitely rewards the hungry traveller.

Definitely worth visiting the Rialto market, while you're there, or if you're lucky you might pass a floating market stall on one of the small side streets.

Cicchetti - Similar to San Sebastian's pinxtos, every bar in Venice serves these small bites, often with local seafood or charcuterie.

London, England

London Phonebox
London, England

While we can admit our local British cuisine isn't one of the world's greatest, London is home to an unmatched selection of restaurants from all different cultures.

Some of favourites are Hoppers in Soho and Paradise (also in Soho) who both serve Sri Lankan cuisine.

Paris, France

Paris, Food Travel Destination

One of the world's most visited for many reasons, and the food scene being one of them.

While definitely home to some astronomically expensive, 3 Michelin Star temples of gastronomy, there's also plenty to do for those on realistic budgets.

We'd recommend a guided walking tour around Le Marais, where you can try some of the unique bakeries and pastry shops.

Pastries by Yann Couvreur
Pastries by Yann Couvreur


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